Angelina Leeds started her career at an early age answering phones for her parent’s residential real estate office in the Bay Area. After college, Angelina moved to San Francisco where she realized that she wanted to sell at a higher level and decided to migrate into the commercial real estate industry.

In November 2005, Angelina accepted a position with a small start up called Digital Realty Trust. During her employment, the startup quickly grew and today is considered to be one of the world’s largest Data Center owner/ operator. In November 2007 Angelina accepted a position with Ellis Partners LLC (the founders of Grubb & Ellis). Being familiar with a family run business, Angelina wore many hats and learned the true meaning of holding assets from acquisition to disposition.

Over the course of fifteen years, Angelina has played a key role in the implementation and execution of the policies and procedures of large commercial real estate firms.  This is where she developed a client-centric strategy for Leeds Real Estate Group, Inc.  She believes that by focusing on needs of the Every-Day investor, rather than a specific category of commercial real estate, will enable her to pair client with the appropriate property type.  In addition, Angelina takes the time to scale her fees according to the deal size to make each deal affordable and obtainable. These two strategies, among others, enable her to satisfy the needs of the client, thus, retaining them for life.

Angelina Leeds
Angelina LeedsPresident