Hot off the press….by David Stark, Public Affairs Director, Bay East Association of REALTORS

Hayward Rental Hits Keep on Coming
In a surprise move, the Hayward City Council is poised to adopt an ordinance on March 5 that may violate the Ellis Act.
At the end of their Feb. 26 meeting, the Hayward City Council directed staff to schedule the adoption of an emergency ordinance that would apply the just-cause eviction requirements, as presented in the Hayward Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RRSO), to all rental properties in Hayward. This action was not on the meeting agenda and there was no public notice that the Council would be discussing any rental housing policies during the meeting.
The RRSO has a list of conditions (just causes) in which a landlord may end a tenant’s lease.  Selling a rental unit is not one of the “just causes.” If they follow through with this on March 5, it could impact the sale of rental property including tenant-occupied single family homes and condominiums.
Hayward’s application of just cause eviction to all rental units also may violate the Ellis Act. Passed in 1985, this legislation prevents government entities, including the City of Hayward, from forcing a property owner to continue renting their unit if the owner wants to sell the unit.  City staff indicated the RRSO would not be modified to comply with state law if the council expands its just-cause eviction policy to all rental units.
The Hayward City Council will take action on this issue during their meeting on March 5 at 7 p.m. at Hayward City Hall, 777 B. St.
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