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Just Cause Eviction in Hayward (**PLEASE SHARE**)

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JUST CAUSE EVICTIONS FOR ALL OF MULTI-FAMILY IN HAYWARD During their March 5 meeting, the Hayward City Council unanimously approved an emergency that requires landlords to show a "just cause" for evicting a tenant.  The requirement applies to all rental housing in Hayward including single-family homes and condominiums. According to a press release issued by [...]

Thinking of Buying Multi-family in Hayward? Own Multi-family in Hayward? Read This!

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Hot off the press....by David Stark, Public Affairs Director, Bay East Association of REALTORS Hayward Rental Hits Keep on Coming In a surprise move, the Hayward City Council is poised to adopt an ordinance on March 5 that may violate the Ellis Act. At the end of their Feb. 26 meeting, the Hayward City Council directed [...]

Livermore State of the Market. New Tenants, midnight move-outs, and more.

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https://youtu.be/dfCtxXzXfFI Three ADJACENT properties in downtown Livermore have experienced turnover in the last month.  Cravings Pizza is now Cloud 9 Pizza (open soon), Bath Shoppe at 2080 1st Street moved out unexpectedly, and the new Tenant of the former Double Barrell is yet to be open for business one year later.  With more and more small [...]

Rent Control. Yes or NO?

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Are you going to vote "Yes" or "No" on the California Local Rent Control Initiative? Click here to learn more about the Costa Hawkins Act, but here's a summary: Cities cannot enact rent control on housing first occupied after February 1, 1995, and housing units where the title is separate from connected units (such as free-standing houses, condominiums, [...]