The city of Hayward, California is holding a work session at tonight’s meeting.  The meeting will be held at 7pm at City Hall.  

1. What is the Soft Story Seismic Retrofit Program? 

This legislation may require the retrofit of older and larger, multi-family, wood frame, residential buildings that contain a soft story condition. These buildings house many Hayward residents and are susceptible to strong damage in an earthquake because of a weakness found in the buildings lower story. This program seeks to strengthen those buildings.

2. What is a soft-story wood-frame building? 

A soft or weak story floor, wood-frame building is a structure where the first story is substantially weaker and more flexible than the stories above due to lack of walls or frames at the first floor. Typically, these buildings contain large open areas for parking or commercial space such as restaurants or convenience stores on the first floor leaving the building highly vulnerable to damage in an earthquake.

3. What buildings may be a part of this program?

  • Type V (wood-frame) building as defined in the San Francisco Building Code, and
  • Application of permit for original construction was prior to January 1, 1978, and
  • Five or more residential units, and
  • Two or more stories over a basement or underfloor area that has any portion extending above grade, and
  • A soft story condition, as determined by a licensed design professional during the screening process of this ordinance that has not been seismically strengthened to the standards set forth in the ordinance.

3. Who pays for the cost(s) of the retrofit?

All work within the scope of the city’s ordinance may be subject to related pass-through regulation and allowances. This work may be passed along 100% to the tenant.

Want more information on the Soft Story Retrofit Program Hayward?  Click HERE for the live video feed and presentation.